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NutriFreeze has ceased trading.

Dr Chris Kennedy continues to provide services to the food and food-refrigeration industry in a private capacity.

I have worked for a large number of companies, large and small. I provide a professional, confidential and unique service for my clients.


Desk top studies
If you have an idea for a new process or product, often the best first step is to get a review of the current state of the art. At Nutrifreeze we are skilled at obtaining and assessing published information from academic and trade publications. I use this information to provide jargon free reports on the state of the art for my clients. More info

Process Development
I help clients to design and perform trials for new processes and new products.

I specialise in heat transfer, refrigeration techniques and the assessment of the  thermal and physical properties of foods
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Contract research
I have many    years of experience in the design of experiments and in the interpretation of experimental data and results.

I can help you to design experimental protocols which ensure that the tests you run are both rigorous and which answer the questions you really need to address. I also provide on-site assistance in the performance of experiments.
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Expert Witness Services
I have provided expert witness assessments and reports in a number of cases related to food refrigeration and the refrigerated transport of chilled and frozen foods.
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Useful Information
While your on our website, why not have a look at the links on our information page? If you work with food there's certain to be something of use to you.